Josephine Paddock art dealer buys Josephine Paddock paintings pays immediate cash. Learn why smart collectors buy and sell Josephine Paddock art with Royalton Arts, the trusted Josephine Paddock art dealer gallery.

Royalton Arts makes it easy and convenient to sell your Josephine Paddock paintings and get paid immediately.

Why take risks with auctions, consignments, art brokers, art advisors or other middle-men? Smart collectors know that Royalton Arts is the direct buyer and pays best prices for Josephine Paddock art.

We make it easy to sell your Josephine Paddock painting and artwork!

Simply email us a photo of your Josephine Paddock art, with the measurements, and let us know the price you need to get.


All we need is a photo and a price, and you’ll get a fast decision from us, within 24 hours. We will then make payment and shipping arrangements and take care of all packing and shipping, no matter where your are located worldwide. In many cases you can receive payment for your Josephine Paddock painting the same day.

Please Note: We only buy original artwork. We do not buy prints/lithographs/etchings, etc. We do not do appraisals or authentication.

About Us:

Royalton Arts is the Josephine Paddock art dealer trusted by collectors worldwide.

We make buying and selling your paintings easy, safe and convenient.

Royalton Arts LLC buys individual paintings or entire collections and estates from $500 to $5 million+.

We are committed to serving our clients with the utmost in professional service, and highest ethical standards.

Royalton Arts, LLC is one of the most successful and trusted art dealers worldwide, for THREE REASONS:

#1 – HONESTY – We do exactly what we say we will do.


#3 – QUALITY & VALUE – We deal in only the finest quality artwork, at reasonable prices.


‘How does this process work?’

1) You supply the information we need in order to make a buying decision (photos, size, condition description and your price).

2) We will examine the photos and may ask you further questions on the telephone about the condition of the painting and its ownership history.

3) Once we agree on price with you, we will arrange payment and shipping.

4) You receive payment from us – and then ship the painting.


- We do not offer appraisals, authentication, valuation, or information/research on Josephine Paddock artists or paintings.

- We do not charge you fees, commissions.

- We are not a broker or ‘middle man’.

- We do not sell art consulting or advisory services.

- We do not try to sell you framing, or restoration, conservation, or any other art services.

- We do not take paintings on consignment.

- We do not make ‘offers’ on paintings. As the owner, and seller of a painting, it is your responsibility to determine the price you want to sell for.

Due to the high volume of emails and telephone calls we receive each day, we can ONLY respond to people who are serious, and have made a decision to sell their artwork, and know the price they want to get for it.


- We pay you IMMEDIATE CASH for your paintings.

It’s simple: When you are ready to sell your Josephine Paddock art – we are here to serve you, by offering immediate payment.

Royalton Arts LLC has representatives in: Palm Beach, FL, Beverly Hills, CA, San Francisco, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX.

International representation in: London, Paris, Zurich, Singapore.

We are often asked how we can compete with large galleries and major auction houses to buy Josephine Paddock.

As a small firm, Royalton Arts, LLC can make buying decisions quickly and decisively. And you will receive immediate cash payment.

When you contact us to sell a Josephine Paddock painting, you will get a Yes or No answer immediately – not days or weeks like other galleries or auction houses.

Major galleries, and auction houses have enormous overheads, and expenses. This means they need to pay you less, or charge you higher fees to sell your painting.

Why should you have to pay the bill for their rent, or champagne receptions?

Because we are a small firm, our overhead is modest compared to our competitors. This means we can pay you more for your Josephine Paddock artwork.

This is why when it comes to buying and selling Josephine Paddock art, Royalton Arts is the #1 choice of smart collectors around the world.

Why smart sellers trust Royalton Arts:

Smart and experienced collectors know that Royalton Arts, LLC offers fair prices, fast payment, and discreet professional service. Easy transactions with no hassles.

Whether you want to sell a single Josephine Paddock painting, or an entire estate – Royalton Arts LLC is here to help you.

1) Fair prices and fast payment: Royalton Arts offers fair market prices. We won’t pay the highest price, but we will pay you a fair market price, and pay you immediately.

2) Fair dealing and no hassles: We make things easy by quickly agreeing on price. No endless negotiations like most other dealers!

3) Convenience: We will even take care of shipping, if necessary. If you have a collection of several paintings, an entire estate or over-sized paintings, we can arrange to have the artwork picked up from your premises by our network of professional shippers – anywhere in the world.

4) Discretion: We pride ourselves on discretion. Any information you provide is kept strictly confidential.

Contact us by email to get cash for your painting today.